According to analysts, the investments of the fashion system in the restoration of cultural heritage consolidate the link with consumers and also have an impact on the purchasing choices.

The link between fashion and arts has been present for several years, but not always exploited; especially the relationship between fashion shows and monuments or archaeological sites.

Today fashion and art walk in the same direction, no one is superior to the other, as fashion is a true form of arts.

Dolce&Gabbana is among the fashion houses that has valorized its fashion collections through specific reference to art, organizing two fashion shows in two of the seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sicily.

In fact, in 2017 D&G stylists prepared a fantastic runway in front of Monreale Cathedral with a collection inspired to the Byzantine mosaics that decorate the interior of the church.

Indeed, those clothing designed by Dolce&Gabbana often show the same image of saints present inside the Cathedral, this was a way to combine fashion and catholic arts.

After this event Monreale got to be notorious around the world not only for its cathedral, but also because it was defined as one of the most beautiful locations for special fashion events.

After the recent lockdown other fashion stylists have decided to organize runways in unusual locations related to art, such as Louis Vuitton who has closed the Paris Fashion Week inside Louvre museum.

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Caterina Girgenti


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