The big challenge: Hamilton vs Verstappen

Here we are, again! Your F1 reporters: Giuseppe e Francesco.

This year has been a spectacular year for sport and F1 has reopened and incredible fight for the world championship. The two challengers are Lewis Hamilton (7 times world champion), one of the best ever and Max Verstappen, 24 years old, 19 victories and a future F1 promise. Up to now, the season has been very hard fought; but it’s not over yet because there is one more race.

Let’s take a step back, at the beginning of the season. In the first race, in Bahrain, Hamilton won after a fight on the last lap and Max had to give the position to Lewis because an overtaking wasn’t judged regular. In the second Grand Prix, in Imola, Verstappen won: Hamilton started from pole position but Max overtook him at the first turn and held the first position during the race, also because Hamilton’s car skidded. Hamilton arrived second.

In Portugal and in Spain, Hamilton won, bringing his gap to 14 points over Verstappen. It seemed that Hamilton would take the victory, but it wasn’t so. In the next race, in Monaco, Verstappen won, helped by the no-start of Charles Leclerc that couldn’t partecipate to the race because of some problems with his Ferrari. Hamilton finished seventh and Max took the first position in the championship.

In Baku, Sergio Perez won; Verstappen’s teammate had a bad accident and Hamilton arrived sixteenth with 0 points.

In France, Max won, overtaking Hamilton on the second last lap. Max won also in Styria and in Austria, in the Red Bull Ring circuit. In England, Verstappen had a serious accident with 31 laps of decelerations caused by a contact with Hamilton who won and recovered 26 points over Max. In Hungary, Esteban Ocon, a French Alpine driver won his first victory in F1. Hamilton finished second and Verstappen eighth due to a serious car problem. Hamilton took back the leadership of the world championship. In Belgium Max won, with a race decided by qualifyng. For the very bad weather conditions the race was canceled, followed by an extraordinary George Russel, who arrived on the podium with a Williams and Hamilton finished third. Verstappen also won in the Netherlands, in the home grand prix, ahead of Hamilton. Mclaren scored a double in Monza. Daniel Ricciardo won and Norris was second but what was surprising was the accident between Verstappen and Hamilton. Verstappen’s car climbed over Lewis’s after the first turn. Hamilton was saved. In Russia Lewis won and reached 100 victories, followed by Max who started last for replacing some parts on the engine. In Turkey, Hamilton’s teammate Valtteri Bottas won. Behind him Verstappen, Perez, Leclerc and Hamilton. Then Max won in America and Mexico, always followed by Hamilton. Lewis took his revenge by winning in Brazil and Qatar, the new F1 circuit. Last week, in Jeddah, Hamilton won after a fantastic race.

So far this is the championship. Max is the leader with 369.5 points just like Hamilton. Only one race left: Abu Dhabi. Who will win the world championship of F1? We think this fight is one of the best ever. Both Max and Lewis are two experienced drivers. We are sure it will be a very heated fight, right up to the last turn.

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Giuseppe Panebianco – Francesco D’Auria


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