The best gardener Once upon a time, a gardener who wanted to have the best garden in the world, bought a lot of seeds and flowers… But the flowers didn’t grow. The gardener was very confused, he watered the plants, he left them under the sun and he took care of them! So the gardener decided to call his best friend, the police officer. They both inspected the seeds very carefully for many hours, until they found out that they were fake! The police officer was really mad, so he wanted to confront the “evil seller”. After a day, he was arrested. The gardener was given beautiful flowers by everyone in the city and after that, the gardener succesfully completed his dream: having the best garden in the world. And everyone lived happily ever after. The end.

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Mario Gullotti


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Malta experience

This experience will undoubtedly be significant from both a personal and cultural point of view. Accorring to me, it will be an extremely interesting and

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Hello, my name is Davide, i’m sexteen, I’m from an high school of Messina called ‘’Jaci’’. I’m very happy to partecipate to this stage organized

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Trip to Malta

The opportunity of this study trip to Malta offers myself the opportunityto immerse in a vibrant culture, improve language skills and discovera fascinating history. I

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The thought of venturing to Malta sends thrills down on my back. I’m a 16 years-old Italian student I can’t wait to visit this wonderful

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