Hi everyone, I’m Antonio Di Mauro from 3B of the I.C.S Casella school, today I’ll tell you about a true hero, not those of the movies but one of many heroic who have fought a monster, a real monster “the mafia ”.

Today I will tell you about Rosario Livatino.

Rosario Angelo Livatino was born in Canicattì in the province of Agrigento on 3 October 1952; he was an Italian magistrate murdered on a provincial road of Agrigento by the “Stidda” (Sicilian criminal organization of the mafia type) in 1990; when he was killed he was only 38 years old, he was killed because he persecuted the mafia gangs preventing its criminal activity.

As a young – twenty-two-year-old – Rosario decided to follow the footsteps of Father Vincenzo graduating with honors in Law at the University of Palermo, he won the competition in the judiciary and became a judge at the court of Agrigento.

Rosario Livatino and many of his colleagues were called critically by Francesco Cossiga then head of Italian government “children judges”, a series of novice magistrates committed to the fight against the mafia. Twelve years after the death of Livatino, Cossiga denied what he said and defined Livatino, a “hero” and “saint”, the pope of the time (John Paul II) instead defined Livatino “Martyr of justice and indirectly of faith “.

Today thanks to Pietro Ivana Nava a witness motorist who when the judge was chased and then killed saw everything and testified, we know who killed the young magistrate, but this brought serious harm to the witness Nava with consequences that made him change his life, he could no longer leave the house for fear that someone killed him, but in his whole life he never regretted his choice.

A few years ago, some TV reporters interviewed the acquaintances and villagers of Rosario Livatino and described him as a kind and reserved man who went every morning before going to work to the village church and he always sat in the back row even if the church was empty, he didn’t like being the center of attention.

The last words he said when he was about to be killed were: “Picciò, che vi hofatto? (guys, what I did to you!)”.

To conclude this article, I inform you that Rosario Angelo Livatino was beatified on May 9, 2021 by pope Francesco and I tell everyone who is reading this article that we all should take an example from Pietro Nava who at the cost of his life testified and did justice to Livatino.

Witness Nava made us all understand that silence is a very bad thing and who is conspiratorial becomes an accomplice of the accident.

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