The arrival of a new war

A topic that has been affecting most people lately is the possible start of a third world war due to the forced invasion of Russia into Ukrainian territory. In fact, last night the territory of the Ukrainians was bombed by the Russian army because President Putin is supporting the cause of the south-eastern territory of the nation which is mainly inhabited by Russians declares itself independent even if the Ukrainian population does not recognize it as such. In the previous days the population had already been encouraged to leave the territory but the people who have not managed to escape now find themselves locked at home in the national ‘black out’ or in the car trying to leave the borders of the territory, some families have found refuge in the refugee camps of the neighboring states that have opened their borders while there are some states that, on the contrary, have denied access to migrants. Today a war would be really hard to sustain since with today’s weapons and above all the great nuclear arsenal there would be many deaths of men, women and children but also of animals and above all serious damage to the environment. I hope with all my heart that the war can end quickly without resorting to the nuclear arsenal.

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Cristian Laudani


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