The Apogeo Hotel in Rimini

A few years ago, finding myself in Rimini, I found myself staying in one of its best hotels, called Hotel Apogeo.

 This is located in the Marina Centro area of ​​Rimini, just 150 meters from the beach.

 It is surrounded by a summer pool with mood lighting and offers free Wi-Fi and a restaurant.

 The rooms are very modern, with bathroom, TV and balcony, which can overlook the garden, the swimming pool or the Adriatic Sea.

In addition, this hotel also has a seating area.

 The restaurant serves a sweet and savory buffet every morning.

However, you can also spend the day on one of the 2 private beaches, which offer discounts for all guests, or sunbathe on the poolside terrace, with sun loungers and deck chairs.

To top it off, the Apogeo Hotel also offers activities and entertainment for guests. There are many, but the most interesting ones can be for example the golf course, cycling, tennis court, bowling and cooking lessons.

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Giulia Giordano, Valentina Boemi, Lucrezia Todaro


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