Sergio Mattarella, a president elected on January 31, 2015, thanks to the proposal of the Democratic Party led by Matteo Renzi and subsequently re-elected in 2022; a man who managed to support Italy while going through various periods of crisis. Already in 2016 he witnessed Renzi’s reforms aimed at bringing down the perfect bicameralism; his withdrawal from the Democratic Party and the birth of the Gentiloni government. But the problems don’t stop there. We are in 2018, no clear majority emerges from the elections of 4 March and Mattarella gives the job to Giuseppe Conte, carrying out one of the most incisive acts accomplished in his seven-year term. He therefore witnesses the birth of the first Conte government with the Lega Nord and M5s. But the government does not last until summer, with Salvini leading him to the fall. The president gives Conte the job again, with an M5s and center-left government. How can we forget 2020, the year of the pandemic, the hardest year faced by the president, who brilliantly managed to feed confidence, hope, and prevent the lockdown from leading to despair. Finally, we have Conte’s resignation on January 26, 2021. Mattarella tells the people: “I will create a high-profile government that should not identify with any political formula”. The Draghi government was born, supported by a very large majority. The president’s adventure seemed to end with his seven years, but instead we had his re-election. We will see with him what awaits him in the future.

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