Adolescence is a period of development that represents the passage from childhood to adulthood, which therefore goes from about 12 to 19/20 years.  In fact, the term adolescence means GROWING UP.

  In these years one lives with the uncertainty of one’s identity, trying to understand what you really want.

  In this phase, a series of physical changes take place.

  Also, the adolescent process is accompanied by feelings of isolation, loneliness, disorientation and ends when it is clear who you are, where you want to go and when you are ready to build stable and meaningful relationships, even with yourself.

  I think that adolescence is the most difficult period in a young person’s life; you don’t really know what you want, you don’t feel understood and uncomfortable with your body, you have so many uncertainties and fears. Every teenager goes through it and overcomes it thanks to the loving attention of parents, grandparents and loved ones who are around you and understand when you need help. Sometimes, however, the presence of caring parents can be lacking, and then getting through this time can become a difficult task. And what’s worse, an age that should be about carefree living can turn into a nightmare.

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Ruggeri Rebecca