Thanos is a fictional comic book character created by Jim Starlin and published by Marvel Comics . He made his debut on the series The Invincible Iron Man . The character’s name derives from Thanato (or Thánatos), the personification of Death in Greek mythology.  He is the most powerful of the Eternals species .Jim Starlin was inspired to create the character Thanos in college during a psychology class. For his physical appearance he was inspired by Darkseid and Metron , two characters from the Fourth World saga that Jack Kirby created for DC Comics.

Thanos made his first appearance in Iron Man in February 1973, in a story written by Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich . The plot begun in that issue was continued on the pages of Captain Marvel nos. 25-33 (March 1973 – July 1974), Marvel Feature n. 12 (November 1973), Daredevil no. 107 (January 1974) and Avengers n. 125 (July 1974).

The character returned during the Adam Warlock saga narrated in Strange Tales nos. 178-181 (February – August 1975), Warlock nos. 9-11 (October 1975 – January 1976), Marvel Team-Up n. 55 (March 1977) and the two annuals of Avengers and Marvel Two-in-One of 1977 and had a cameo in the graphic novel The Death of Captain Marvel (April 1982).

After almost a decade of absence, Thanos returns in Silver Surfer n. 34 (February 1990) and remains a prominent figure up to n. 50 (June 1991) before appearing in The Thanos Quest nos. 1-2 (September – October 1990) [7] and The glove of infinity nos. 1-6 (July – December 1991). He was subsequently a recurring character in Warlock and the Infinity Watch nos. 1-42 (February 1992-August 1995), followed by the crossovers The war of infinity nos. 1-6 (June-November 1992) and The Crusade of Infinity nos. 1-6 (June-November 1993). He later appeared in Silver Surfer nos. 86-88 (November 1993-January 1994), Warlock Chroniclesnos. 6-8, Thor nos. 468-471, Cosmic Powers nos. 1-6 (March-July 1994) and Cosmic Powers Unlimited n. 1 (May 1995).

In 2003 he was the protagonist of his own series, Thanos of twelve numbers while in 2006 he had an important role in the crossover Annihilation . He was then reintroduced in Guardians of the Galaxy (April-May 2010) and was among the protagonists in The Order of Thanos (July-December 2010).

In 2014, Jim Starlin returned to work on Thanos with Thanos Annual n.1 and then wrote and designed three graphic novels starring the titan and Adam Warlock: The Infinity Revelation , The Infinity Relativity and The Infinity Finale .

In 2016, the second series debuts, Thanos  within the Marvel NOW!

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