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An article is a very special text. It must be interesting and readable and you must explain yourself clearly and comprehensively, without leaving room for misunderstandings or free interpretations. In short, it is not a thing to write in five minutes!
Writing well is not the only quality you need to have and perhaps not even the most important.
The most important thing to remember (and put into practice) is that an article should be written not to show others how good we are at writing.
I learned that as they explain from the Anglo-Saxon world there is the 5 W rule, that is the initial letter of the elements that an article must always contain (preferably already in the very first lines of the text)
It is the important information to give, always, to answer the questions the reader is likely to ask when reading the piece. To make it better or worse.
Here they are:
Who? (Who?): Who is the article talking about?
What? (What?): What is it about?
When? (When?): When did the fact happen?
Where? (Where?): Where did the fact happen?
Why? (Why?): What were the causes?
Writing has enriched me a lot with content as well as my vocabulary. And then who knows if Malta with my friends could turn out to be an achievable dream !!! I really hope so! I thank my professor Daniela Barbieri, my school, the Comprehensive Institute of Roccalumera and all of you in the editorial team for having given us the opportunity to participate in this wonderful experience.

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Arianna Vanadia Bartolo


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