Ten small tips to prevent pollution

Pollution prevention is the best way to reduce environmental damages. We can do a lot to protect nature and ourselves.

Here are some examples of what to do:

  1. use less plastic – We use a lot of plastic today especially plastic bags . They are made using chemicals and create litter if thrown away and, worse still, animals can get trapped in them. Often they end up in the oceans, killing sea animals who mistake them for food. Plastic bags can be replaced by reusable shopping bags.
  2. Recycle your waste – Throw your rubbish in the correct bin: paper in the blue bin, glass in the red bin, plastic in the yellow one. Recycle your food waste too.
  3. ride your bike or walk – walking and riding a bike rather than using your car even for short distance. They are great ways of getting around and reducing air pollution. You get fresh air and lots of exercise, which is good for your health.
  4. wear extra layers – if you feel cold at home, put on an extra layer of clothing instead of turning up the heating. It will save money, energy and the Earth’s natural resources.
  5. switch off electrical appliances – turn off the lights, radios, TV and heaters when you leave the room. Switch off devices completely instead of leaving them in “sleep” mode, which still uses electricity.
  6. Don’t waste water – it is very important not to use more water than you need. Don’t leave the tap running while you brush your teeth or wash your face, and take short showers.
  7. Eat more vegetables – meat is a great source of protein and iron but animal farming uses lots of natural resources and pollute. Intensive livestock farming is the cause of 75% of the ammonia released in the air and these data concern only Italian farms. Then try eating more vegetables.
  8. Donate your old clothes and toys – if you have clothes that you don’t wear or toys that you don’t play anymore, give them to a local charity. Someone else will be happy to receive them and they will have a new life.
  9. Grow your own fruit and veg – if you have a garden or and outdoor space for some pots you can grown your own strawberries, tomatoes, beans, lettuce … They are good plants for beginners.
  10. become a volunteer – sometimes in a town groups organize events to improve the local area – pick up litter, clean rivers or beaches, plant trees… you could help out.

We all have our part to play in protecting our planet: everything we do for its health is something we do for our health.

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