Teenagers fall in anxiety

Perhaps it will be a consequence of the pandemic of the past, but the return to the schools has never been the same since then. Everything became more serious to deal with.

Sometimes it is normal to feel anxious, nervous or worried. You may have felt anxious when you had to speak in front of a group. Or nervous before a test or a big test. Maybe you felt anxious when you weren’t sure if your surroundings were safe. Or worried when a loved one was sick.

Most people have felt that way.

Feelings of anxiety can be uncomfortable, but they serve a purpose. They sense that something that matters to you is at stake. With feelings of anxiety, you may be thinking, “I need to do well here.” Or: “This matters, get ready.” Or: “Be careful”. 

For example, when you are anxious, you may feel “butterflies” in your stomach. Or you may have sweaty palms or shaky hands. You may notice that your mouth is a little dry. Or your face feels a little warm. You may feel your breathing or heart rate quicken. With anxiety, you may feel one – or some – of these.

Feelings like these can help you do what you need to do. You can go ahead with the test or take the exam, even if you are nervous. You can check your surroundings to make sure you are safe. You can focus on what a loved one needs and plan how to help them instead of getting worried.

When you know that anxiety is normal for the situation, you can let go by focusing all of your attention on anxious thoughts and feelings. Instead, you can turn your attention to what you need to do. You don’t need to do things to make the anxiety “go away”. You can catch your breath and face the challenge. You will find that the anxiety goes away on its own.

Anxiety is a problem when 

some people experience too much anxiety. It seems more than they can handle. Worries or fears take up too much time and energy. Some people may start avoiding the things that make them anxious. These things can be signs of an anxiety disorder.

If you feel the anxiety is too much, talk with your mother, parent, your father, a teacher or your doctor. You can  start getting help, and better you will feel.

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