Teenage obesity

Obesity is a problem that often affects children between 12 and 17 years old. it is a disease characterized by an excess of fat mass that leads to an increase in body weight. There are BMI (body Mass Index) parameters that allow us to understand if we are underweight, average weight, overweight or if we are at risk of obesity.

Nowadays in Italy about 25,5% of teenagers suffer from obesity. The causes are: stress, sedentary lifestyle, drugs, genetics, lack of sleep and unfortunately junk food. The effects are serious and affect all parts of the body: hypertension, heart diseases, dyspnea, sleep apnea, increased risk of cancer, arthritics, bones fracture, male and female infertility and even death. There are also psycho – social consequences such as low self-esteem, eating disorders, depression and difficulties in social relationship. In fact, teenage obesity is more than a physical problem. Teenagers tend to be hyper-aware of how they compare to others, which makes them self-conscious and feeling alone. As a result, a teen with obesity may feel out of place among their slimmer peers.

Prevention is important: doing sport or simply walking and eating healthy help us fight obesity.

I am a 12 years old girl and I have no weight problems. I play sport and I try to have a regular daily diet. But I sometimes like to eat at Mc Donald’s (about twice a month)) and I have a Big Mc Menu: hamburger, chips and cola that means about 1000 kcal. I know it is too much but this kind of food tastes so good and the restaurant is fun too.

Eating at McDonald’s is something that you have to do every now and then.

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