Technology is important for our daily life. it is open to everybody. Computers, TVs, tablets and mobile phones are just some of the means that help us communicate at a distance. Through these means we can enjoy listening to music, playing, writing, shopping online, programming everything, and learning a lot of things. It helps people with disabilities in their daily chores, such as turning lights on and off by voice, moving around with electric wheelchairs. Even for us students technology is very useful, school life can be sometimes really simple, if we have any doubts or uncertainties, we can go on the internet and we will immediately find the answers. My mother always tells me that this is not always a good thing, because in this way we think very little, we don’t try very hard.

However, we must use it well, we must not stay too much in front of these devices because they hurt and make us feel tired. I see a lot of my friends who are totally addicted to technology, for example they prefer to play online and not really. I absolutely prefer the real world, I like going to school, being with my friends and I definitely don’t like DAD. Distance learning is only good in exceptional cases, such as during the covid epidemic.

Technology must therefore be used with moderation and responsibility.

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