a conversation between two friends

Having never had a puppy either of us, let’s assume that the text is the result of our invention.

We have tried as much as possible to stick to the assigned track trying to focus the requests: “Is there an animal that you feel is yours? How did you feel at the beginning of the relationship? How has the feeling changed over time? What memories bind you to him? ” – imagine having found or received a pet as a gift and give a subjective and objective description.

Arianna: It was precisely August when I was begging my parents to get me a cat and I cannot describe my happiness when I adopted that fluffy puppy that would have been mine.

He has been living with us for almost two years now, since that day when it was found in the garbage can, emaciated and with sad eyes. We were in the house by the sea … two people took it. A few days later I had her in my arms to give my cat a thousand cuddles. I don’t know how many hours I spent observing her in those playful and sly gestures and movements.

Marta: It was like that for my dog ​​too, do you know Ary? I had been asking my parents for a long time to have a little dog, but they always said no because they thought I was too young to look after it. Until one day, precisely on January 16, 2018 – I remember it precisely because it was for my birthday – they finally gave me a puppy !!! When I saw it I was super happy! And I promised that I would ALWAYS TAKE CARE of it !!!

It is white in color, with black spots, large and sparkling eyes. He immediately became my best friend!

Arianna: but how? Am I not your best friend?

Marta: come on Aryyy …

Arianna: ahahahahah you know I’m kidding! I know very well what you are talking about …

Marta: Especially at the beginning I never left him alone, I always had him in my arms and we played a lot together: sometimes the “crunchy game” was his favorite game! I threw it and he did everything to grab it, thus obtaining his prize. But of course we had a lot of other games that he liked, such as the “pull of the rope” or the “throw and return the ball”. We had a lot of fun together!

What is your cat’s name?

Arianna: I called her Lydia, immediately after knowing she was a female. It may seem bizarre as a choice, in reality that hair on the bright orange reminded me of the hair of the character from one of my favorite TV series. Lydia has always been very affectionate and cuddly, in fact she falls asleep on my legs, or snuggles up to me and I often take her in my arms. She is a bit aggressive with those she doesn’t know or if someone she lets approach touches her in the wrong way. But a small piece of ham that she is greedy is enough to conquer her.

Marta: Teddy may be a little noisy but he’s super loving. He especially likes belly scratches because they relax him. When I feel down he always comes to me and cries and I caress him or play with him to calm him down. He is always by my side and never leaves me, he immediately understands when I am a little unhappy.

Arianna: Taming, making my kitten home was not that difficult. It was enough to have a lot of patience, offer her lots of pampering and play a lot with her. Perhaps it was finding my cat as a puppy that made things easier. Creating a strong bond, like the one we have, even easier: it was enough to love her.

Marta: It was a bit difficult for me instead to tame him because since we tried each other out on the terrace he was easily distracted with butterflies and birds. But in the end I succeeded. When he did what I asked, I gave him a crunchy to praise him. We have always had a great bond. He was and always is by my side. I hate all those people who abandon animals on the street or in kennels. Luckily there are many people who manage to adopt pets, giving them a new life.

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