Hi Salvatore!

Hi , Lorenzo! Where are you going on holiday this Summer?

S.: I’m going to Portugal…

L: why so far?

S.: I like the sea, Portugal has 830 km of coastline. My mother wants to go to Fatima because she is very devoted to the holy Virgin. My father, instead wants to go to the two archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira, which are part of the national territory as autonomous regions. It is part of NATO, the Council of Europe, the OECD and the European Union. Its entry into the European Union took place on 1st January 1986.

S: I would like to see the ancient Roman finds because Portugal was the ancient Roman province of Lusitania.

L: is your  sister happy to go there?

S.: yes, she is , because we are going on a cruise !

L: fantastic! What is the typical food in Portugal?

S: there are soups, spicy soups often accompanied by bread, made from cabbage purée and the calderada de Iuliass à Madeirence,  a seafood soup flavoured with ginger and curry, fish, codfish and the tripas à moda do Porto. However, I don’t care , I’ll just  eat French fries!

L: You’d better go to France!

S.: ah aha ah!

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Salvatore Incardona -Istituto comprensivo “O.G.De Cruyllas” Ramacca. Docente : Marilena Tamburino




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