Swimming is one of the most complete sports, in fact, it requires muscular and respiratory involvement. The swimming competition area is the swimming pool, the dimensions of which are 50 meters long by 21 meters wide and 1.80 meters deep. The pool is divided into eight lanes (2.50 m wide each) bounded by floats joined to each other. The official competitions include the following specialties: freestyle or crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly or dolphin.

– The freestyle or crawl is the most famous style and the easiest to practice, it serves to strengthen shoulders and pecs. The movement of the legs and the typical alternation of the arms make it the fastest style and therefore also suitable for developing lean muscles in a harmonious way.

– In the back to be effective, it is necessary to know how to alternate the arms correctly by extending the feet completely. Breathing, which is certainly not a detail in swimming, is easier in the back than in other styles.

– The breaststroke is the slowest style but the most fun at the same time, ideal for firming thighs and buttocks and above all toning the abdomen, thanks to the undulatory movement. The sequence of movements, in fact, mainly engages the legs, also toning the internal part. It is the style for beginners, because everyone can practice it easily, but it is still very effective.

-The dolphin (or butterfly) is the most tiring but also the most choreographic because the body makes a wave movement, guided by the oscillations of the head and chest, always keeping the arms together at the sides as is typical for the dolphin movement.

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