Super Mario: a timeless game

Super Mario is a platform video game that is a genre similar to action video games.

Which was developed and released by Nintendo in 1985. This game was created by Shigeru Myamoto.

The game has sold over 40 million copies

In my opinion, it’s nice because the characters are very well-drawn, and the story of the game is very interesting.

The Mushroom Kingdom is a peaceful place where mushroom-headed creatures called Toads live in perfect harmony. This peace is compromised by Bowser, the evil king of the Koopas, who conquers the territory and transforms the inhabitants into Goomba, that is, evil mushrooms. Subsequently, he kidnaps the princess of the kingdom Peach the only one able to break the spell that weighs on the Toad, and with whom he is in love and wants to have the kingdom delivered. For a long time, darkness reigned in the Mushroom Kingdom, but when the news also reached the two hydraulic brothers Mario and Luigi, they headed for the borders of the kingdom to save the princess. After a long journey through 8 worlds, Mario and Luigi manage to reach Bowser’s castle and defeat him in battle by dropping him into the lava. This is how the princess is saved and the Mushroom Kingdom restored to peace. After completing the mission, Mario and Luigi decide to stay in the Mushroom Kingdom to protect it from any threats.

There are many characters in this game but the main ones are: Mario, Luigi, Peach, the Toads, and Bowser, and his Bowserotti, that is his henchmen, who are 7 brothers:

1) Larry Koopa is the youngest of the group, despite this, he is the general of the koopa troop.

2) Morton Koopa Jr who is the strongest of the bunch.

3) Wendy O Koopa is the only female in the group.

4) Iggy Koopa is the genius of the family.

5) Roy Koopa is also very strong.

6) Lemmy Koopa, he is the funniest and wittiest of the group always goes around with a rubber ball, because he is a great acrobat

7) Ludwing Von Koopa who is the eldest in fact is the leader of the group, and he was the legitimate heir to the throne before Bowser Jr. arrived.

The Bowserotti are the final bosses of each world. Their job is to keep Mario and Luigi busy.

And finally, as Mario It’s me Mario says !!

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