Stop to the War

We were just coming out of a crisis that lasted more than two years, that of the coronavirus, which made us suffer so much, especially from a psychological point of view, that caused numerous victims, and suddenly we find ourselves catapulted into a new crisis scenario.

This time it is an armed conflict, with its inevitable consequences, that subjects us to new forms of stress and fear.

During the two years of the pandemic, there was a struggle to find a vaccine that would stop the run of the virus and save the many lives affected, and now this war seems to have made these people forget the value of life. The history of mankind has always been characterized by the alternation of periods of war and peace that have changed both the territorial and the political and social structures of the populations concerned. In literature, in art, and of course in history books, these events have been mentioned and today, unfortunately, new pages of history are being written that in the future our successors will read “the war between Russia and Ukraine”. The victims of previous world wars were also forgotten and nationalist interests prevailed.

I think that war is the worst thing that can happen in a civilized world as it is today. Today, with all the wealth there is, I believe that war is one of the most senseless acts that mankind can perform. The great politicians of our time, if they so wished, would have all the necessary means to discuss the problems that exist without resorting to war. Instead, every day even today weapons are built that can destroy entire populations and the news talks nothing but the death and destruction of entire cities.

I firmly claim that war is an abominable thing and that no one should be starving or losing their family because of it.

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Federica Petralia


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