“Femicide means any form of violence exercised against women on the basis of an alleged male superiority, through both physical and psychological subjugation.”

This is the official definition of a new term coined due to the growing number of acts of violence of this kind, indeed it would be more correct to say towards this gender, the female gender.

But is this number actually growing? The statistics speak for themselves: every two days in Italy a woman is killed by her partner, not to mention all other types of non-domestic violence. In total, more than seven million women have experienced violence of some kind. From murder to rape, from stalking to verbal insult, the types of violence are numerous, but they all affect the intimate sphere of the person both physically and psychologically.

The age ranges of executioners and victims vary, but generally the former are between 31 and 50 years old, while the latter, much younger, between 18 and 31. However, femicide is also increasing at the expense of older women, between 71 and 80 years old.

Despite the phenomenon being so widespread, the first decree against femicide was issued in 2013 and provides for a tightening of penalties and precautionary measures. Furthermore, the new text provides for a greater penalty when violence is committed against a person with whom one has a relationship.

Our school has already completed an Erasmus KA2 project about this topic with the title of “White Rose”. The partnership was composed by Italy (coordinating country), Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, France (Martinique) and Croatia. Even if the project is over, its impact in our school has been so great that still today we are shouting all together “stop violence against women”!

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Rita Arlotta


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