Stop climate change!

For many years our Planet has been in danger because pollution has taken the upper hand and the decision-making process related to tackling the environmental crisis has been slow and not very effective until now. 

In Italy big cities are very polluted. Rome, Naples, Milan and Catania are full of trash. Moreover, the main cities of Sicily are at the end of the national “green” list ranked by Legambiente in 2020: Catania and Palermo came, respectively, in 104th and 105th place.

Fortunately, there are many environmental associations which are engaged in cleaning streets and parks with the help of green citizens. Let’s hope the government does something about it because the most beautiful part of the Italian cities is hidden by trash and pollution.

Up until today a lot of endangered species have become extinct because of man. To name just a few, the most recent are the white rhinoceros, which became extinct in the 70-80s, and the Java tiger, which became extinct in 1994.  

We all know Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish activist who is fighting environmental disasters. She came to Milan last October on the occasion of Youth4Climate summit. She criticised political leaders, stating we should only rely on ourselves and exclaiming that politicians make only “blah blah blah” promises on climate change, that is…they only talk. Vanessa Nakate, another young climate activist from Uganda, spoke to the crowd on the same occasion and she said they won’t shut up.

Time is running out… 


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Giuseppe Mirone