I’m a teenager  and write a newspaper article about bullying involves me a lot.  Everyday a lot of young people in the world are bullied.  So I think it’s important the youngers get information and learn how to deal with this phenomenon.

Bullying is a kind   of both physical and psychological violent behaviour against people who are unable to defend themselves. Bullying occurs every day, without anyone noticing it, the  violence includes threats, offenses or exclusion from the group.   

Most of bullying can occur during or after the school hours. Bullies are often isolated and marginalized children who, instead of having normal relationships with classmates, they try to assert their identity through acts of violence against those who are considered weaker.

The phenomenon of bullying is not a strenght, but a weakness and if a boy beats or threatens another individual it is because he cannot express himself otherwise. The bully often behaves like this because he tries to attract attention, he has problems in his family or he is subjected to violence, so he wants to hide his fragility and problems and pours his anger on others.

Bullying with the advent of social networks has evolved and transformed into cyberbullying. This form of violence is more complicated to fight, not only because the bully can create a secret identity for himself, but also because it is easier to broaden the range of action thanks to the internet.

The bully can act, for example, by posting photographs, videos or private information of the victim.

The cyberbully wants to attract the attention of others. The psychological consequences of those who suffer are similar to traditional ones. The victim suffers a lot with serious effects on self-esteem and socio-affective abilities.

Today there are also forms of bullying related to Covid, such as excluding a classmate during video lesson or on whatsapp groups.

An important role in preventing these terribile situations is played by families and school through information and communication.

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Calanni Fraccono Maria Immacolata




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