Stop Bullying

We can speak of bullying when we are faced with  relashionship in which abuse dominates, when there is  a persistent attitude of  arrogance towards a person who is unable to defend themself. The victim generally begins to have psychological and physical problems.

Nowadays we can also find ourselves faced with a situation of cyber bullying. Cyberbullying is a form of bullyong through telematic media such as phones, computers and other technologic tools.

The resulti s generally depression, Young people react by disconneting themselves from the real world thinking that the only thing that could save them is silence.

Sometimes the reaction goes further  and you think that the only thing left to do is take your own life, suicide due to cyberbullying episodes are infact increasing.

We should have the courage to hold on to a rope and seek help because each of us deserves to have a life, each of us deserves to be happy with what we are.

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Larissa Ciolan