Body shaming is a form of bullying, now increasingly widespread, which consists in derision of the physical appearance of a person. Anyone can be targeted and for any feature: height, weight, hair color or, simply, for elements that are part of our own human nature (such as stretch marks, cellulite or the presence of rashes due to certain diseases). A form of violence that, in recent years, thanks to the spread of social networks, is becoming increasingly viral and harmful. How many malicious comments do we find, for example, under the photos posted on Instagram by celebrities and not? Anyone who feels entitled to judge, to denigrate the appearance of othe. As happened to Valentina Ferragni, sister of the most famous influencer Chiara, who was called “low and barge” by a follower and, therefore, accused of not being a model to follow. Or again, victim of body shaming, was Jason Momoa, criticized following some photos posted during the holidays in Italy, where we find, apparently, less sculptural than we saw on the big screen. Yeah, because Jason was born real with a sculpted abs, and he can’t look absolutely normal between a plate of pasta and a glass of wine ! How many of us ordinary mortals are ridiculed daily for their physical appearance? “You have no breasts, you cannot wear that dress”. “Are you too big, aren’t you ashamed to walk around in shorts?”. “You’re too short to be a boy”. Phrases that maybe someone says without even thinking about them, but that, in reality, hurt those who listen to them. Body shaming is a practice that, unfortunately, affects a little everyone. Already because no one is perfect. Or, at least, it is not perfect for society. Body shaming is, in fact, closely linked to the social reality in which it develops. It is society that imposes certain aesthetic canons, ideal and, in most cases, utopian beauties, which establish how we must be. And if you don’t belong to these standards, as is practically normal, being we, fortunately, unique and particular people and not homologated clones, then you must be judged. What I would like to emphasize with this article, besides the fact that of course bullying in general is always wrong, is that no one can afford to judge us or say that our beauty, our body, is not enough, or is wrong. The canons that are proposed to us are always ideal, not real. Everyone is beautiful in his own way, with its particularities and its characteristics, which should not be judged because they are simply different. Because how society changes changes prototypes. And maybe people, who now write malicious comments under the photos, in twenty years will find beautiful a physicist who now despises. Fortunately, on the promotion of the #bodypositive, more and more people are moving, such as, for example, Laura Brioschi, curvy model. Laura, along with many girls of every shape and appearance, paraded in costume in the squares of the big European cities, promoting the beauty of individuality.

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