Still on Christmas mood…

In these days we are at home, due to the Covid situation and I still feel the Christmas atmosphere so I’m watching some movies on Netflix. The film I saw yesterday night is called Miracle at Christmas, and it is beautiful and it speaks of the story of a boy who had recently moved to that city and there he was trying to advertise the pastry shop he was about to open but this family had moved to this city because the grandfather had left it for them (that’s what I understand from the film).

The boy called Ben was looking for friendships and slowly found one but this friendship is due to the fact that he had met a man, who was considered “The last Santa Claus”, Ben and this Santa Claus became friends.

One day at a certain point a girl who was going to school with Ben was walking her dog the dog called “Buz” walked into the trailer and got to know Santa Claus well, in the meantime there was Ben who was about to take his Father Christmas friend of the cookies made by his mother, when Ben saw the girl he immediately got embarrassed and the girl then seeing an angel called Matilda that suddenly appeared, she got scared and ran away.

On that same day Ben talking to his friend, Santa Claus told him that he had to find his reindeer and that it was very difficult to find it because in the “normal” world the reindeer was invisible instead only in the land of Christmas it could be seen, he went to his “friend” and told her he needed help to find the reindeer, Ben took a long time to convince her then convinced her and they went to look for the reindeer called “Stella Cometa” (the only reindeer left), but with its collar and the scion bread which was the only thing she ate after a long time they found her at the shopping center they took her into the caravan and finally all 3 became friends but one thing happened, that the head of the Christmas Council (who decided everything they had to be Santa Clauses) decided to suspend his Santa Claus business.

Anyway, he disobeyed, and then when he was found he was taken to the land of Christmas through a door he had never opened because there were nutcrackers that they could take it and when they were brought there the Santa Claus had to be transformed into a statue of Ice but this happened when his boots were removed within 24 seconds. He and the boys managed to escape, took off the boots of the head of the Christmas Council and within 24 seconds, he became an ice statue and Christmas was saved thanks to their teamwork.

This film makes us always be united and work as a team!

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