stars on earth

Stars on Earth

Stars on Earth is a 2007 dramatic film directed by Aamir Khan.

The protagonist of the film is a child named Ishaan, who faces serious troubles at school, for example he repeats the third class several times, he has difficulty in understanding the lessons or reading numbers and doing Maths exercises. According to his parents these problems are caused by a lack of diligence and attention in class, but the audience will know that it is not so.

Due to constant complaints from teachers, Ishaan is transferred to a boarding school as strongly requested by his parents. But, here his uneasiness doesn’t change. He feels alone and unable to understand what is happening. One day the new Art teacher believes in his competences by realizing his suffering from a specific learning disorder. 

This teacher, who experienced dyslexia in the past, becomes his lifeline. He talks to the child’s parents just to clarify the apparently “strange” behaviour of their son. In the end, thanks to tutoring, Ishaan is able to learn everything much better. Moreover, the teacher organizes a painting competition for the whole school, which Ishaan wins. 

To sum up, the film conveys a truly deep message concerning dyslexia. Children simply need to be helped with improving their learning by avoiding possible shame.

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