When the saga of Star Wars appeared for the first time was an immediate success. The saga was created by George Lucas in 1977. The first film was immediately after followed by two other episodes. It fits into the genre of space opera. The series is set in an imaginary galaxy, in an unspecified era. Its universe is populated by humans and several other living species from all corners of the galaxy. Robots and droids perform a wide variety of tasks, while spaceships allow quick and comfortable movement between the many systems and planets of the galaxy. The plot follows the eternal struggle between good and evil. The protagonists are Luke Skywalker and his sister princess Leila Skywalker. In their adventures they have to face the terrible Dart Vader, who has a long history left behind. The saga turned out to be a real cultural phenomenon, attracting a large group of fans and carving out its own space in mass culture. The films enjoyed vast commercial and audience success. One of the key elements of the saga is “the force” a mystical energy field generated by all living beings that pervades the universe and everything it contains. The story pits the Jedi an order of users of the Light Side of the Force who maintain order and peace in the galaxy, and the Sith an order of users of the Light Side of the Force who maintain order and peace in the galaxy. The episodes are ten until the death of Luke Skywalker. The original idea of George Lucas was that of a sci-fi adventure film, as an adaptation of Flash Gordon.The saga contains elements both of the science fiction genre, with robots and space travels, and also elements taken from the western genre. The main films of the Star Wars series have received various awards. Special effects are in the films realized with the use of a computer graphic. Feelings are even present in Star Wars. They are fove, friendship, honor and vengeance. It contains all the ingredients that people love and that are the main causes of its aeternal success.

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