On 29th January 2022, the ”white smoke” in the eighth vote sanctioned the re-election of Sergio Mattarella as President of the Italian Republic.

The President received 759 votes, surpassing the quorum of 505 preferences. Even in the previous ballots, he had obtained an important number of votes, so as to suggest the will of the Parliament to re-elect him for a second term. In the course of Italian history, he is the second most voted President after Sandro Pertini.

At the end of the vote, long four-minute applause started from the Chamber for the head of state, who gave a  very touching and hopeful speech to the Country. The loud clapping covered the sound of the bell of Montecitorio and that of the cannon shots at the Janiculum.

In this speech, he reiterated the importance of “unity” in a particular moment such as this one the Italian State is going through now when the country’s best interests must be placed before the personal one. The President underlined the need for a profound reform of justice and health system, the demand for fighting inequalities, the duty of innovation and planning, to make the country restarted especially by young people, who are the protagonists of the Italian future.

Mattarella also reflected on the years of the first mandate, defining them as challenging but full of emotions. His role has been very delicate, given the political context that has changed several times and the transition between one government and another has not always been easy to manage. During critical events for the country, such as the pandemic, Mattarella has always been at the forefront,  trying to reassure Italians and carrying out his task as guarantor of national unity.

A meek man of few words, the President has been able to build such a remarkable popular consensus to be re-elected, becoming a point of reference for many Italians, despite going through tense and stormy moments.

His deep message to the nation, after his re-election:

“ Together we are responsible for the Republic “.

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Dario Corica


2D Liceo Scientifico “Medi” Barcellona P. G.

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