SQUID GAME: a TV series that is dividing the public opinion

Squid Game is the new NETFLIX  South Korean series where 465 adults, all with economic problems, are given the opportunity to participate in a game in which they are the protagonists and in which they will have to face 6 tests, the traditional children’s games. However, the real tragic surprise for them is not so much the rich prize for the winner, but the fact that the loser is brutally killed. The vision, because of the very violent scenes, is reserved for those over 14 years old but in actual fact, in addition to being among the most viewed series by adults, it is very popular among teenagers.

Following this success, Netflix has even put on sale merchandising items (T-shirts, sweatshirts..). A highly sought-after item is the famous white slip-on worn by the protagonists and produced by a famous American brand, which in these hours is selling like hot cakes.

This series has divided the audience in half: next to the fans of the series are those who not only dislike it, but who prone to censorship. In fact, there have already been several episodes in which, in order to imitate the protagonists of the series, children or teenagers have hit their companions or pretended to kill them while playing innocent games. These episodes worried the parents, but also the schools which witnessed this in disbelief. Therefore the scientific community of pediatricians and also various parents’ associations are asking for the film to be censored.

Driven by curiosity, I wanted to watch it too. The series in Italy is shown in original language and in my opinion this helps to make the scenes the real protagonists. The raw and violent images attracted my attention, distancing it from the subtitles and therefore from the plot. In addition, a child hardly has enough time to read the subtitles and therefore understand the plot, while remaining glued to the screen in front of a man who dies after being shot. Personally I didn’t like it and I found it really unsuitable for a very young audience, even though the plot could also be considered interesting because it shows examples of people living on the edge of a society throttled by debt and with no apparent way out. But salvation cannot come from death from those who are like you, so the hope of a way out fades and these people appear as those who have lost the right to live just because they have made wrong choices. Perhaps it is meant to be a denunciation against society which, insensitive to those who find themselves in trouble and forces them to do anything to survive. Furthermore, the great success of the series leads me to believe that today many young people, but also adults, feel pleasure and interest in violence and wickedness.

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Andrea Condorelli




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