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The Gazzetta dello Sport  is an Italian sports newspaper with a headquarter in Milan. 

It was born thanks to people who were passionate about sports in 1896, in order to inform of all the great successes in sport. Eugenio Camillo Costamagna and Eliso Rivera founded the newspaper drawing inspiration from those old small articles of the previous years, which dealt with only one topic per newspaper. While they thought to tell on all sports. 

The founders (ph. from Wikipedia)

Some former athletes, such as Riccardo Arpisella for horse racing, Alessandro Bossi for mountaineering and Roderico Rizzotti for fencing, collaborated with the newspaper in the past, which is now published on Mondays and Fridays, because sports competitions take place on Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Gazzetta dello sport showed three large titles on the front page and under “Ciclista” and “Tripletta”. Today, for example, the front page of May 15, 2022 is based on football with photos of some players together with their coaches.  There is no shortage of pages dedicated to advertising for brands and objects. 

Gazzetta dello Sport, April 3, 1896, the colour green was replaced by pink in 1899 (ph. from La Gazzetta dello Sport website)

The newspaper aroused enthusiasm just from the beginning. People started to talk about sport and champions. Pink colour has become the newspaper’s distinctive symbol.  But, to attract today’s generation with smartphones at hand, a website has been created.  Since 2002, it has been possible to consult the graphic or textual digital version of the newspaper on the newsstands. 

One of the most interesting events we have recently talked about has been the Italian Cycling Tour. Flicking through the newspaper we find lots of photos of the cyclists who participated in.  In addition, the Gazzetta dello Sport organizes the “Giro di Lombardia”, which was established in 1905.

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