Americans love sport and in general they enjoy the same individual sports which are popular in many nations. Interest in sport is first developed in junio and senior hight schools and at American universities sport is extremely important too.

America’s three most popular team sports – baseball, football and basketball – are also spectacular events. Altrought these three games are played by most schoolboys, they have reached their highest development in organized teams of professional athletes.


Apart from the university teams, there are many professional football teams and they play in large stadiums on Saturday afternoons. The game is played with an oval ball. American football is derived from rugby. It isn’t the same game as soccer, which is called football in other parts of the world. American football is a robust sports involving much physical contact between players. To avoid injuries elaborate protective clothing has been developed. With protection for his head, shoulders and chest, and a visor over his face, a fully equipped player looks like a ferocious visitor from another planet.


Baseball is a national game of the U.S. It is derived from the English game of cricket. It is played with a wooden club called a bat. Protective helmets are worn by all players. When playing a defensive position, each player wears a large leather glove to protect his hand from batted balls. The action take place on a field. Professional baseball teams have many enthusiastic fans.


Basketball is another very popular sport in the U.S. Basketball games are usually played inside a large building by amateur school teams or by professional teams.

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