Sport has no limits

Any kind of sport is really amazing! As far as I’m concerned, in addition to five-a-side football, I have been going swimming and I have also been part of the Italian federation of bowls, a hobby that I thought could be fine for people of a certain age, but then I realized that anyone can do it .

I remember that I had my left arm broken, but I was able to continue this sport because I could shoot with my right arm. So I learned that in sport there are no limits and if your body puts them on you, sport gives you the determination to overcome them.

If we think for example of the Paralympics, we able-bodied people look with amazement at the disabled who thanks to the passion of sport show how they can redeem themselves with their second life (because they are usually people who have previously had bad accidents and consequently have suffered a disability).

That’s why I love sport!

Sport has the power to give you a physical and mental strength that you don’t even know you have.

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Giuseppe Giannetto