Sport and war

As we all know, in February a war broke out between Russia and Ukraine. It all started with the Ukrainian desire to join NATO and Russia’s bad reaction with an exaggerated Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory. This war also had consequences in the world of sport, with many exclusions and excommunications. These events involved Russian, Ukrainian national teams, clubs and sports and in some sports also Belarus was penalized. World rugby has excluded Russia and Belarus from any competition. The International Ice Sports Federation (Isu) has banned Russian and Belarusian competitions. The IOC “recommends” that Russian and Belarusian athletes not be invited to international competitions. “Uefa and FIFA have excluded the Russian national team and clubs from any European and world competitions. The Champions League final, world volleyball championships, tennis tournaments, the formula 1, the junior swimming world championships, gymnastic events, ski competitions, all events that should be held in Russia, will be held in other places. In Ukraine all types of sports have been suspended. The Russian Abramovich is excommunicated from the Premier League and forced to sell the Chelsea club because he is Putin’s friend and he was pro-war. Vladimir Putin has also been suspended from the judo federation.

Sport and war do not get along well. Sport means peace and a message of peace is spreading from the world of sports.

In Manchester city- Everton football match, the Ukrainians Mykolenko and Zinchenko, that played in rival clubs hugged each other in tears before the kick-off. The Ukrainian footballer Malinovskyi and the Russian Mirancuk are teammates and, despite everything, still have an excellent relationship. In fencing, the Ukrainian national team does not play against Russia in the round of 16 of the world cup with a significant sign.

Sport also says no to war.

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