More and more teenagers don’t play sports and that’s not good.

Unfortunately, today young people practice “activities” that require only the movement of a hand, such as video games, social media or web surfing.

If you haven’t played a sport yet, it is the perfect time to try!

Beyond the simple enjoyment of playing, there are several other good reasons to join a sport.

You’ll be healthier: sports require you to move your body and exercise is good for your health, helps control weight, improves sleep and gives you energy.

You are smarter: teenagers who are more active show greater attention and perform better on tests.

You can learn teamwork: in sports, teenagers learn to relay on each other and work to a common goal because the success of a team depends on how well the players work together. Sports also teach you to play fairly and to respect the players of the opposing team.

You can make friends: when you join a sport team, you inevitably make friends and these friendships last after you finish playing.

You learn to focus and manage your time: sports require time and commitment and players usually perform better on school because they learn to manage their time.

There are hundreds of different sports available to teenagers, such as swimming, walking, running, tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball and many others.

There’s probably a sport that is just right for you and you always enjoy it! 

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