Some ideas about the ongoing war

On February 24, 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine.

From that moment on, every night and day there are bombings in Ukraine, Putin (president of Russia) wants to conquer Ukraine because 

1 He doesn’t want him to join NATO; 

2 Putin is convinced that it is still part of Russia despite the fact that Ukraine signed an independence pact in 1991.

There are at least 636 civilians

have been killed and 1,125 wounded since 14

March. In the following days, with the attacks

keep going, the toll has become heavy. The Ukrainian army reported 60 attacks on February 17.

Russian state media also reported over 20

artillery attacks. From February 24 to March 15,

over 3 million Ukrainians have left their country.

In my opinion this war could also have been avoided, because Putin had no reason to attack Ukraine; in fact the whole world is on the side of Ukraine .. This war is bringing only terror and fear in vain.

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Carlotta Barbagallo


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