Solidarity is forever like Christmas

At Christmas the most frequent word is solidarity but do you believe that solidarity is only at Christmas?

Certainly not because this significant word contains many important concepts just for every single letter. S is for sympathy it means that people have feelings of pity and sorrow for somebody’s problems, O is for organizing life for supporting the others, L is for fighting loneliness fight together to have a better world, I is for internationality to understand the problems of society, environment, nature and so on, D is for donations to humanitarian associations,to people in difficulty, to children in need, to WWF to save animals in estinction, A is for agreement to solve problems in peace, R is for respect for others, for nature, for the Earth, I is for  individual mutual respect,inclusion, fellowship and social cohesion, T is for team work ,you cannot do anything without the help of others, Y is for young people, all young people are involved in solidarity actions because they are the future. One important action is for example the interest in animals in extintion, WWF launched a campaign in favour of polar bears in extinction. WWF project “Put your heart at Christmas” (A Natale mettici il cuore), it is about the protection of animals in extinction you can save them with a donation. So donations are a form of solidarity for all those associations that are involved in solidarity actions. WWF, Telethon, Unicef, Aisl, Onlus foundations are only an example. But the best solidarity is when everyday you show your own sense of sympathy for all the problems of humanity. Donation is an example of solidarity but also friendship, love, attention to the problems of people is a sign of solidarity. Christmas atmosphere is like a magic, all people feel to be involved into solidarity action more than in another period of the year. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also the feast of Solidarity.

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