Social problems: unemployment, crime and juvenile violence

Unemployment is just one of the greatest problems in the modern world. A worrying aspect is the large number of school leavers and young people without job. It is a growing problem all over the world.

The effect on young people who cannot get a job when they leave school is particularly serious because it makes them feel useless to society. These young men and women are characterized by apathy rather than anger. Many are driven to drug taking.

Millions of unemployed workes are out of work because the work they once did is now unnecessary. Technology creates jobs but it also destroys them and the end result is that there are fewer jobs for people who are unable to do more complex work.

The Governments have tried to solve the problem by annually spending millions of pounds to improve the situation. In spite of that it seems that there is no ready solution to thi huge problem.

But unemployment isn’t only social ill. There is also a lot of social unrest and crime, including violence, vandalism and theft, which is often committed by young people. In recent years crime has become a world-wide experience. The increase in juvenile delinquency is particularly disturbing and many people blame this phenomenon on society’s lack of traditional moral values.

Violent is the result of frustrations deeply rooted in people living in certain environments. However, a direct connection between poverty and crime is no longer valid. Today, juvenile crimes are committed by youngsters from the so-called “good neighborhoods” where poverty, unemployement, drug abuse and social tensions don’t exist.

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