Social networks

Smartphones, tablets and computers play a fundamental role in
our life today. Just try to think about how attached we are to
those small screens in the space of a day. Today it has become
even more important to always be connected and have an
account on platforms, called social networks.
How many people who have never connected to the Internet do
you know? Certainly few. A few days ago one of the most
important social networks, Facebook, announced that users who
use their services are one billion and four hundred million and
continue to grow. These innovations have led to immense
technological development with positive and negative benefits.
The positive aspects are many, such as sending messages even to
distant people.
However, it is necessary not to abuse them, otherwise these
social networks will only aggravate our addiction to electronic
devices, without considering the people who are really close to

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Manuel Fiorentino


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