A social network is an Internet service for managing relationships and social networks, typically usable through a browser or mobile applications by relying on the relative platform, which allows communication and sharing by text and multimedia mean. Services of this type, born as a community at the end of the nineties and becoming enormously popular in the following decade, allow users to create their own profile, organize a contact list, publish their own stream of updates, and access that of others. The services can be distinguished on the basis of the type of relationships to which they are oriented, for example, those of friends, work, or public, or also according to the format of the communications they provide.

Social network sites can be defined as all web services that allow the creation of a public or semi-public profile within a restricted system, the articulation of a list of contacts, and the possibility of scrolling through the list of friends of one’s contacts. Through this, these services allow you to manage, re-establish or strengthen existing friendships online or to extend your network of contacts.

To become part of an online social network you need to build your personal profile, starting from information such as your email address up to your interests and passions, useful for the “friendship” areas, past and related work experiences references. At this point, it is possible to invite your friends to join your network, who in turn can do the same, so that you find yourself widening the circle of contacts with friends of friends and so on, ideally until you understand everything. the population of the world. It, therefore, becomes possible to set up thematic communities based on one’s passions or business areas, aggregating other users to them and making friends or business contacts.

Today’s teenagers have to socialize using Facebook, for lack of other meeting spaces with their peers. Many teens have less freedom to move, less free time, and more rules than their parents or grandparents. School pressure has increased. It is no longer customary to spend hours of free time walking around with friends after school.

Each generation of teenagers has a different space that decides as the “cool” space. Today the “cool” space to hang out with friends is called Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; Adults do not understand this because they interpret these phenomena by deforming them in the light of their own obsessions, phobias, nostalgia, and distorted reconstructions of the past. It is a cliché to say that teenagers underestimate the dangers to their privacy, literally “undress” on Facebook without evaluating the consequences.

Social networks have brought many positive things, the fact of being able to connect immediately for emergencies, and much more, but unfortunately the internet is becoming a dangerous place both for parents, but also and above all for children and adolescents. Unfortunately, there are bad people behind these screens, who often want to lead children to suicide or to love someone else, even a member of their own family.

We can never trust, especially behind a screen, we should make the Internet a safer place because it could bring several advantages.

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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