Today social media are very important because they represent a change in the way people usually read and share information at the same time.

Press, newspapers, radio, television and internet are playing an important role in human history.

Now we can see that “the new media” are more important than before.The typical communication model of traditional media has changed radically. The new technologies like digital or networked information are continuously updated. Everyone is free to access and the level of interaction has changed. This type of communication transforms people from simple learning users to publishers.

Social media are frequently used by young and adult people. Facebook , Instagram,Twitter and many others systems are used as a mean to establish personal, instructive and business relationships.

The new phenomenon of user-generated content (UGC) is a symbol of democratization of information.It  gives the people the possibility to be no longer content users but publishers .The expansion of UGC is linked to new technologies of communication , the publication of new contents generate visibility.

This way the common visitators of news may become the new authors of communication.

There is no doubt “WEB” is a magic word, it represents a revolution of  modern times.

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Andrea Sangiorgi


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