Social Media: Heaven or Hell?

Smartphones, tablets and computers play a fundamental role in our lives today. Just try to think about how much we are attached to those small screens in a day. Today it has become even more important to always be connected and have an account on platforms, called social media or social networks. We spend more and more time with our smartphone in hand scrolling through the bulletin boards of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the latest Tik Tok .

These are changing our lives, the way we relate to people, we can no longer talk except with a screen in front.

Social media: pros and cons

Undoubtedly, social media has their pros and cons: they allow us to keep in touch with people who are very far from us and to communicate with them in real time, also through a “video call”.

They also allow you to exchange opinions and information with friends as well as with complete strangers, and this is where we must get our critical spirit into action.

However, many are not aware of the negative aspects and this contributes to make social media increasingly dangerous. First of all, in most cases, a published photo becomes exclusive property to the administrators of the social network, and cases of selling the photo have not been rare, obviously without “the author” being aware of nothing.

But they are also the means through which  teenagers are bullied, humiliated through videos published directly on social media. Remember that the law protects against defamation that is practised on the web by what we can call “keyboard lions”‘ that hide themselves behind the screen to threaten, offend or compromise the reputation of their victims.

The analyses carried out by experts show that the excessive use of social media seems to contribute to a state of stress and depression. Research in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology relates the excessive use of social networks with depression like symptoms. Constantly comparing one’s life with that of others can give rise to a sense of inadequacy and the mistaken conclusion that one’s life is boring and sad.

It thus increases the feeling of loneliness and emptiness that can lead to moments of depression or exacerbate an already latent depressive pathology. It is the social networks that stimulate the low self-esteem of girls. What’s more, we try to be accepted by our society by showing a life different from reality, simply to get comments or likes, just to get approval from others.

Each of us should feel free to bring to social media any content (videos, photos, etc.) independently on those who see it; no one should afford to insult or humiliate a girl who has a few pounds more than another one. It’s not the physical aspect that matters but the person you are inside.

Nowadays we are often judged by our society, through social media. Instead no one should be judged because we are all the same: each one is special just because he is different.

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Francesca Di Bella


4B Liceo Scientifico – Istituto Minutoli Messina -Sez. Quasimodo


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