Social media and us.

Let’s be honest: how much time do we spend on social media every day?

Honestly, we don’t think we have ever asked ourselves this question.  Nowadays using our mobile phones has become a habit. But, if you want to be more informed about that, then you should really read this article. Let’s start by saying that you aren’t the only one who uses the phone too much; almost everyone does. But, like you might have heard, this isn’t healthy for you. 

Social media have changed our lives, and we all know that. Because now, we can’t spend too much time without checking a new post or a new video on Instagram or  Facebook. Everytime we hear the sound of a notification, we immediately focus on our device and read the message someone has just sent us, wondering what they want to tell us even if it isn’t very important. And how many times do your parents get angry because you don’t put your mobile down while you’re eating with them at dinner? That’s a bad habit.

You should recognize this issue. We are getting a little bit obsessed with mobiles, aren’t we? But, of course, it’s also true that social networks are very useful for communication and sharing information. You can simply contact who you want and when you want, no matter where they are or how far away they are.

And you can also share news or whatever you want, and write your own thoughts about a specific topic. So, we can say we need them. But social media are not always good. For example, I bet that you have checked, at least once, someone else’s profile comparing yourself to that person, thinking she/he’s better than you.  In fact, seeing other people on the Internet can make us feel insecure about our body or our way of thinking, or make us feel somehow wrong  or “not enough” for other people. But you must know you’re beautiful the way you are and you’re worth it! Don’t get influenced by what others think, and remember that a lot of people use filters, makeup and photoshop to seem more attractive or prettier.

And there’s another big problem too. We guess you’ve heard about cyberbullying. This is one of the worst things that could ever happen to you online. Cyber bullies are really mean and they bother you on your Internet profile or through social networks with nasty words and offensive comments. If it happens, you have to talk with an adult or a teacher and they’ll try to help you. But, the thing you can do on your own if you become a victim, is to block them or delete your profile on social media.

Would you like to “escape’” at least a little bit from these toxic social networks? Here we give you some advice that could help you: keep an eye on the time you spend on your mobile and then try to reduce it; uninstall the apps that make you waste time or make you feel worse, and search for new hobbies, like reading or doing sport. 

You will enjoy your “new” life!

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Dafne Corrieri Tesi, Fatima Mehmood




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