Social media has changed our life and our relationships and, in a short time, many people have started using these means of communication. But let’s start from the beginning.

The first social media was born in 1997 and was created by an American, a certain “Ellison”. His social network was called “” and his goal was to create relationships between people. This novelty was immediately successful and six years later, again in the USA, a new social network was born: Friendster. The years that follow are really important for social medias. There was a boom in social media in the 2000s. In a few year , several Social Networks were born, including Ryze and MySpace, which goal was to give at the teenager a space to do whatever they wants. the turning point takes place in 2004, when Marc Zuckerberg, with the help of his classmates, created “The Facebook”. Originally Facebook didn’t have many options. Only after adding photo shares and comments, Facebook achieves the success it still has today. Let’s jump about 10 years and get to the most recent Twitter, belonging to Facebook, and Instagram, which allows registered users to upload and share photos and videos with their “followers”.

Even if, as already mentioned, social networks are born as tools for socialization, over the years they have acquired an important role for the economy and politics. Unlike classic media, such as television or newspapers, social media offer a direct relationship between the company and the consumer. Consumers themselves become disseminators of information and opinions.

Thanks to this influence, in a few years, it was born a new type of marketing, called social media marketing.

The social media marketing employs two functions: the activation and management of conversations that take place within a community and to share information and advertising messages with their social networks.

It must be remembered that every element posted remains on the network even after years, that it is always possible to search and find photos and messages and that each track can be reproduced in different ways.

Obviously, social media has pros and cons.

The pros: Finding a new job, keeping in touch with family members, bringing immediate help and assistance, share your political thinking and social media can be used by companies to improve their web presence.

The cons: The photo and the video could be used against the user user who posted these items, with the use of social media, an extreme form of narcissism is created and, in addition, there is a risk of identity theft. Obviously, these powerful tools must be used with a lot of intention, because they can turn out to be double-edged weapons.

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