Sicily is one of the most beautiful Islands in the world. Sicily is full of colors, traditions, and excellent food.          


This island is full of smells such as citrus and the smell of the sea. Everyone that is born here usually dies here and Sicily fascinates many tourists. Landscapes are very beautiful: from the green of the hills to the blue of the sea and finally to the red of Etna’s lava. 


Sicily is rich in cultural villages and architecture. 

Ladies and gentlemen. 

I introduce you “Etna”, which is the highest active volcano in Europe.

 Etna is in Catania a city in the east of Sicily. Etna gives us series of emotions, every day with a shower of lapilli and ashes. 

Explosions are these bangs that scare citizens and tourists but also make a beautiful show.


Sicily is a synonym for arancini, cannoli, lemons, oranges… it smells of citrus and strong flavors, that are yummy to eat! People say that living here is very peaceful and the ones who have visited Sicily want to come back to spend nice days of vacation.

Sicily is unique and a trip to this island remains in “THE HEART” of every tourist.


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Pistorio Christian


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