In the Sicilian town of Nicosia, which is in the province of Enna, there are many legends, among which two particularly stand out: one of these legends is The Cave of Nigrò, that has got different versions, and the other one is The Magical Fair.

The Cave of Nigrò is situated at the foot of one of the turrets of the Castle of Nicosia and its name literally means “Cave of the Dead”. The first legend narrates that in this cave is kept a treasure that no one has ever managed to take away while staying alive. To try to enter the cave, three men have to overcome seven obstacles represented by seven doors with the same number of ferocious animals. Once they pass the doors, they will meet a snake with a golden ring in its mouth. To catch it, one of the three men must let the snake crawl over his body without being bitten by it, without shouting or killing it, otherwise everything will vanish and the three men will meet again in different places on Earth. In case the man manages to take possession of the ring, the site of the treasure will be revealed to him. At this point, he can take the treasure as long as one of the three men sacrifices himself by remaining imprisoned in the cave instead of the snake.

The second legend is about a Magical Fair. According to this legend, every seven years at midnight sharp a magical fair will appear, starting from the Castle and reaching Nicosia. Those who buy from the merchants all kinds of fruit will have good luck, since it is not real fruit but fruit that will turn into solid gold once they get home, provided that the buyer knows nothing about the magical fair.

Another legend is set in Via Belviso. It is said that, by reciting formulas at night on All Saints’ Day, you can see the souls of the dead walking towards the Cross. In particular, it is said that a woman, failing to find her scissors, decided to wait for the passage of the souls, hoping that among these she would see her mother to ask where she had put the scissors. That happened and she found the scissors once again.

These are only legends. It is true but, you know, in every legend there is always a grain of truth. Maybe in the Cave of Nigrò really lies a treasure and every seven years appears a magical fair, maybe in Via Belviso you can really see the souls of the dead walking towards the Cross, but we cannot know exactly. Basically, this is the beauty of legends: you never know if they are true or not.

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