Sicilian Carnival

Carnival in Sicily is the celebration of the abundance. It has ancient origins, dated back to the 16th century.

During the masquerade period people usually cook special Sicilian dishes, one of the most delicious is “cavateddi”  a type of hand-made pasta with ragù, “chiacchere”(chats) a deep-fryed dessert garnished with sugar and chocolate is the most cooked.

The most famous and ancient carnival in Sicily is in Acireale near Catania. There are floats and allegorical parades where politicians, famous people are mocked. All the people spend time in the s town square and most of them wear any kind of costumes, they play jokes to each other and  dance together all night long. During carnival in Sicily there are lots of stands which sell food and drinks, toys, masks and so on. A lot of children  play with confetti and eat any kind of candies.

Cavateddi with ragù

Even in Portopalo, near Pachino, there is  a small carnival, is not as famous as Acireale but we enjoy it very much.

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