Should you tell everything to a friend?

A common definition is that a friend is a precious possession that must be guarded, nurtured, and protected. There are different forms of friendship: casual, intermittent, and those that last indefinitely. Friendships go beyond kinship and are bonds that are based on trust, honesty, sincerity, and mutual affection.

I have asked myself many times, already, if I ought to tell a friend everything and after so many disappointments I have realized that a true friend is one who has no prejudices, desires, or personal interests, inside the relationship, and with him, you can share joyful moments and secrets, you can confide your fears to him, as well as uncertainties and disappointments, without being ashamed because if he is a true friend, he can read your eyes and your soul and will understand you without ever judging your actions, but simply helping you to stay on the right path.

In conclusion, I think that friendship is to find the strength that this friend needs, even if, at that moment, we do not feel strongly for each, it is to always feel a person by your side even if, at that moment there is not, being by his side in good and bad times and as Montaigne said in the phrase “because it was him because it was me”, a friend is our half, our completion, the missing part of us and for that, I am happy to have some good friends and wherever I go, I know that, no matter what, somewhere, wherever, they will be with me.

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