Should we ban fast food?

Fast food was born in the USA in the 1950s. The type of food eaten can be sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs,French fries or fried eggs, served up with Coca Cola or other fizzy drinks and desserts like ice cream, milk shakes or cakes.

Fast food restaurants have special offers for families and do their best to attract children. They organize Birthday parties and also sell take-away food, that is food that you can take with you and eat where you want. Today parents have little time to cook because of job so more and more families just eat fast food or buy oven-ready food from supermarket for their meals.

Fast food is higher in fat, sugar and salt and this is why it tastes so good. Moreover fast food is cheaper than food in restaurants and portions are bigger than in normal restaurants so a lot of people like having dinner at Mc Donalds or other places like that.

In one fast food meal, you can consume almost as many calories, sugar and salt and more fat than you normally assume in a day.

In 2010, Michelle Obama, launched Let’s move! trying to solve the problem of childhood obesity in the USA. She asked for healthier food in school and much more physical activity.

The secret, in fact, is this. Banning fast food is useless, but it’s important not to eat this kind of food too often. Our diet must contain a variety of fresh and nutritious foods to ensure our health. And we have to spend less time in front of a TV, computer screen or on phones and go out for at least a 30 minutes walk every day.

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