Shooting in Pescara, the victim’s girlfriend: “No forgiveness”

Last Sunday Yelfry Rosado Guzamn, a 23-year-old of Dominican origin, was wounded by five gunshots while working as a cook in a restaurant in Pescara because the order was slow to arrive.

The attacker, Federico Pecorale, 29 from Abruzzo, after attempting a desperate escape in a taxi to Switzerland is accused of murder.

The boy remains in serious conditions. No forgiveness, “said the young Dominican’s girlfriend” ” I just hope that whoever shot him settles the bill with justice and doesn’t leave immediately.

Madness? A hypothesis not to be taken into consideration. He had a gun and he fired, what else to add?

Yelfry remembers everything. Alice explained that luckily, there were cameras in the club that report exactly how things went: Yelfry was the victim of an attack a regional boxing champion, but he stopped to devote himself exclusively to work.

The accident occurred in the Casa Rustì restaurant in the center of Pescara. The attacker, suffering from psychic problems due to a distant fall from a motorcycle, after waiting too long for the arrival of his kebabs, took out his revolver, an illegally held 6.85 caliber, and furiously opened fire on the helpless cook.

Forgive or not, it will be very difficult to take a stand.

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Nicola Rotiroti


IIIA Liceo Scientifico di Chiaravalle Centrale (CZ)


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