Dear readers, I’m writing this article on a topic that nowadays is debated a lot: the Shoah. We all know of the horrendous deeds that men have done, but we do not really consider this event to be truly brutal. On January 27th, it was the day of remembrance and many of us didn’t even remember what happened about eighty years ago. Now you will tell me that it doesn’t make any sense to remember millions and millions of dead Jews, but I tell you that we must not forget such a terrible event! The thing that disturbs me most is knowing that those millions of men, women and children who arrived in the concentration camps were no longer people: they were very simple and useless objects. They carried them in animal carts; they had a bucket for the needs, they had tattooed numbers on their arms to be classified. They had their hair shaved to zero and they were cold because they wear just light blouses and striped trousers. Many of them died during the journey, still others because of tiredness, and many of them because of hunger: they ate orange peels or potatoes. Looking at each other they saw themselves as reflection in a mirror. After working hard enough, they were no longer essential! They were sent directly to the gas chambers or crematorium ovens. In this way the German Nazis got rid of other useless “burdens”. Each of them lost dignity and they were no longer human beings. They read their suffering on each other’s face and  in the eyes of those who were dying of terror and anguish and were conscious not to see theirs dear ever again. That’s what the Shoah was! In other words: brutal atrocity. 

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Maria Grazia Di Franco


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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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